24 MARCH 2020

In these uncertain times, all of us in the Stafa Group are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers and partners.

The Stafa Group (Stansefabrikken) is taking all the appropriate steps to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus and minimizing the effect on our employees, customers and business partners as well as our own company. Furthermore, protection of the most vulnerable individuals from the coronavirus is a special concern. We are doing our utmost in this respect by following international and national advice, rules and legislation from health organisations and authorities, as well as our own internal policies and actions.

We have implemented clear restrictions for all our employees and factories. This includes strict hygiene and cleaning rules, guidance to employees, stopping travels, visits and physical meetings. We are working remotely from home as far as possible, this applies to anyone not strictly needed at the factories and offices. This, together with extensive disinfection rules, is implemented to safeguard our personnel at the factories.  Employees, being suspected of infection will be quarantined and any employee who does not feel well is requested to stay at home, get well, and avoid interacting with other people.

As a part of our preventive actions we have made contingency plans in order to be prepared for a potentially challenging time ahead. Currently our facilities are operating as normal and so far, we have no major disruption with regards to suppliers or customers.

All our customers, suppliers and other business partners are welcome and encouraged to keep an open and close dialog with us in order to handle the COVID-19 virus situation and our business together in the best possible manner.

Best regards,
Jon R. Westby